Delta Track, simply good

May 14, 2015

DeltaTrack, simply good 

For new developments in agricultural machinery to succeed where others fail, it takes patience, plenty of technical know-how and time to test, test and test again.

 It took ten years of trials and development before Versatile released the DeltaTrack, a fully-integrated dedicated four-track tractor series from 460-620hp.  

Built for simplicity, power and integrity by Canadian manufacturer Buhler Versatile, the DeltaTrack was an instant hit in the North American market. 

Within 24 hours of its release, the company received three times the amount of orders they expected, a testament to the way they have listened to what farmers want. 

Handling Versatile sales for PFG Australia, Allan Muirhead is at the frontline for farmers’ opinions here.  He explained that the simplicity of the machine, the ease of maintenance, and the proven ability to get so much power through to the ground have great appeal. 

“This machine is what farmers have been waiting for and it’s already proved its worth in overseas markets,” he said. 

“With tracks, there’s no avenue for stress release and this is where some of our competitors have had problems, but the DeltaTrack has heavy duty components, an exceptionally large gearbox and one of the biggest engines in the market. 

“As one of my customers said: ‘There’s no replacement for displacement.’ 

 “Another farmer, comparing DeltaTrack with other brands, told me 70 percent of its appeal is the simplicity.  

“You get a straightforward, no frills machine with a reliable fully-integrated modular design and components tough enough for the work,” he said.

The DeltaTrack has a powerful and responsive 15-litre Cummins engine and a smooth shifting, heavy duty CAT TA22 powershift transmission with 16 forward and four reverse gears. 

The track system uses the proven Versatile outboard planetary system to maximise power to the ground. 

An integrated track undercarriage mounting system includes a reinforced connection to the tractor frame, reducing stress on the undercarriage and track components.  The large one-piece cast drive sprocket has industry-leading bar engagement for better torque transfer and long life. 

The positive drive system reduces wear, friction and heat.  8.5” drive lugs are the biggest in the industry, minimising track slippage.  The surface area in contact with the drive wheel at any time is approximately eight percent more than with some competitor machines. 

Large idler wheels improve the approach angle for better response in difficult conditions, and also help reduce track horsepower requirements. 

As well as the DeltaTrack series, the new Versatile range includes a front wheel assist series, 4WD standard and large frame articulated models. 

Competitively priced and ticking all the boxes, the Versatile DeltaTrack is in stock and ready for delivery right now.  

The DeltaTrack uses a positive drive system to reduced wear, friction and heat. 

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