Versatile tractors are now John Deere guidance compatible via the AGRA-GPS John Deere Bridge.


Versatile Australia have partnered with AGRA-GPS who provide the capability of adding your existing John Deere console and receiver into your new Versatile tractor and utilising the native steering screen you are familiar with on your John Deere 2600, 2630 and 4600 consoles. The solution integrates into the tractors electronics to replicate a full factory steering package. The bridge allows a connection between John Deere precision ag hardware and Versatile tractors like no other.


Continued use of your farm data

Keep your field and job data securely on your John Deere console and remove the frustration of learning a new GPS operating system in your versatile tractor. The functionality you have today remains in your John Deere console, it will just be in your new Versatile tractor.


RTK Base stations and farm infrastructure

Already invested in an RTK network? Keep using your John Deere receiver with corrections from RTK or satellite corrections in your starfire 3000 or 6000 receiver, simply connect the receiver with our AGRA-GPS harnessing and the receiver and console will connect directly to each other.


Machine integration

The AGRA-GPS listen and acts on data broadcast by your Versatile tractor, it knows when the pre-conditions are met to engage automatic steering. When the machine is in park, or the hydraulics have not been activated the console will advise you. Then you can use the Versatile armrest mounted button to engage autosteer.