DeltaTrack Models 520 | 620 

Four Track System

The Versatile DeltaTrack is a fully integrated purpose-built four track system from Versatile. Available in two models 520DT and 620DT, the DeltaTrack exceeds the performance and durability of existing track systems. The track systems uses the proven Versatile outboard planetary system to maximize power to the ground. Four independent tracks maintain balance and provide constant contact with the ground. The DeltaTrack is built using the most advanced track design in the agriculture industry and features proven Cummins engine technology, rugged CAT® powershift transmissions, and legendary Versatile reliability and serviceability

Engine & Transmission

The Versatile DeltaTrack was designed to exceed the performance of existing agricultural track machines. Combining a powerful 15-litre Cummins engine and a smooth shifting 16 x 4 CAT powershift transmission, the DeltaTrack’s powertrain outperforms the competition. Designed as a fully integrated track machine the DeltaTrack is the most advanced track tractor on the market today. 

QSX15 Cummins Engine
The DeltaTrack uses a responsive QSX15 Cummins engine. The unmatched engine displacement and Cummins technology help produce excellent torque response and pulling power.

CAT® Transmission
The DeltaTrack uses the heavy duty CAT TA22 powershift transmission. 16 forward and four reverse gears shift seamlessly under load to create a more comfortable operating environment. A large selection of working gears is available to match almost any application. The TA22 is fully programmable for autoshift and speed matching. Capable of road speeds up to 22 mph (35 km/hr), the DeltaTrack moves between fields efficiently.

Track System


The DeltaTrack uses a positive drive system to reduced wear, friction and heat. Track slippage is eliminated by interlocking track lugs into the drive wheel. The DeltaTrack keeps 4.6 lugs engaged with the drive wheel at all times to eliminate slippage between the track and drive wheel. The DeltaTrack uses the largest drive lugs (8-1/2") in the industry to maximize operating life.


A large 80.7° single piece cast drive sprocket provides a larger wrap angle than competitive track units to help increase track life.


The large idler wheels used on the DeltaTrack improve the approach angle to reduce the risk of “submarining” in muddy conditions. The large idler wheels and track angle help reduce the tracks horsepower requirements.


The large midrollers on the DeltaTrack system are not directly inline with axle or drive system components to improve the ride and service life of the tractor. Polyurethane coating dramatically reduces midroller wear and maintenance requirements compared to competitive rubber midrollers.


TWO-WAY oscillation provides better weight transfer and reduces shock loading. Reduced vibrations and frame stress increase operator comfort. The Delta Track double axis bogie system also offers better ride over a variety of obstacles.






Improved Standard Cabin Offering
The DeltaTrack takes advantage of the class leading Versatile HQ Cab. With over 85 sq. ft. of viewable window glass the HQ Cab provides a panoramic view of your fields. A seat mounted right-hand console gives you fingertip control over the entire tractor to help reduce operator fatigue. A semi-active air-ride suspension seat is standard and the HQ Cab also offers a large training seat. 


Deluxe Cabin
The new Deluxe Cab is a high-end full-featured cab that provides the operator with every imaginable comfort for long working days. A semi-active air-ride suspension seat and the training seat are both standard in this configuration. In addition to the connectivity options available in the standard cab, the Deluxe Cab has an 110v AC power outlet and a 5-volt integrated USB port. A subwoofer is also standard to improve sound quality in the cab.


Large multi-directional vents optimize comfort and help create an ideal cab environment.


Four cup holders are standard. The cab also has coat hooks to keep the cab clean and organized.


Operator Seat
The operator seat has a 104° swivel range to maximize visibility when towing implements. Air ride suspension and a heated seat are standard in the Deluxe Cab.


Cabin Suspension 
The suspended cab on the DeltaTrack combined wiht the optimisation of the undercarriage provides the best ride in the industry. 

The suspended cab is raised onto the four point shock and spring system that works in tandem with the tuned torque arms tht reduce or eliminate pitch and roll movement. Bringing together Versatile's double-axes bogie system and the suspended cab gives the DeltaTrack a susperior system to any track based agricultural tractor on the market.